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Kim Turner, LLC The Next Generation of 911

Our Mission

 Our mission is to bridge the gap in public safety between field and 9-1-1 first responders through training and consulting services.  

Our Vision

We integrate sworn and civilian professional standards to create holistic and organic learning environments through critical thinking and thoughtful questioning.  Our facilitation methods create rich learning environments where our students thrive by positively participating in the journey to seek understanding, growth, and professional development.  

Our Goals

Our goals are for individuals and organizations to thrive by challenging the status quo in a respectful and rewarding way.  We work with the most renowned agencies in the world, small one-seat operations, and every size between. Our training and consultation services are appropriate for dispatch, professional and sworn staff.

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Our classroom and online training provides a unique experience for tenured and new 9-1-1 dispatchers/telecommunicators and sworn personnel because our instructors are practitioners, educators, and lifelong trainers. 

If you do a pronounced eye-roll when you are assigned to training. You have not been to one of our classes. We are requested to train throughout the US because we have changed the paradigm for continuous professional training requirements by utilizing legitimate adult learning techniques and theories in our course delivery.

As you read through the instructor biographies, you will notice a distinct pattern of excellence and subject-matter-expertise. Most of our courses are applicable to public safety agencies from the top-down including sworn and professional staff. However, we do offer specific training for 9-1-1 dispatchers and telecommunicators. 

We invite you to attend one of our courses or contact us to train for your agency, your region, or your state. 

All of us at Kim Turner, LLC wish you a safe and healthy shift.


Our team is comprised of current industry leaders for sworn and professional public safety teams. Our consulting services consist of:

  • Active Shooter Protocols 
  • Tactical Dispatch Team Development
  • Training Program Development
  • Training Manuals
  • Leadership Development
  • Team-Building Workshops
  • Efficiency & Staffing studies
  • Recruitment, Training & Retention Development

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