Critical Incidents

Technology (NG911)

Our courses are designed through specific pillars which identify 4 major areas affecting all Communications Centers in the US.  

We have successfully partnered with training managers associations and legendary police departments to create customized training content for their region and/or agency. We are successful because we represent all facets of the industry; sworn and civilian, front-line and executive, but above all we are innovators and fearless in our approach for training The Next Generation of 911 professionals.

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It's not a matter of if a critical incident will occur in your jurisdiction it is a matter of when

Intuitively, we know this but we do not train for it and all of the excuses are legitimate; primarily, staffing levels. Critical incidents don't care if you're short staffed but you should care that your dispatch staff is prepared for an Active Shooter Response or other Critical Incident. Their skill set aids in positive field outcomes. 

We offer each course independent of the other however many agencies prefer to host 3-day workshops in their region to have a more interactive and meaningful experience.  

If time away from the floor is an issue, one day courses are suitable as all of our instructors have direct experience, whether in the field or behind the console, in major internationally recognized active shooter, school based or critical incidents. 

Our direct experience as first responders (dispatch and field operations) in major critical incidents; Christopher Dorner manhunt and Inland Regional Center Terrorist attack, translate into an unforgettable classroom experience because we are on-the-job, too.


Our instructors demonstrate leadership and management skills every day on the job. We believe that regardless of rank every dispatcher has the potential to lead from their position. Our courses provide leadership skills training suitable for line staff, trainers, middle managers and executives. 

It is a painful fact that most agencies do not have the resources to invest in civilian leadership. The resource may be time, money, or more often than not because of staffing. I know, because I live in your world and respecting the challenges that face us our courses are the meat and potatoes with real world examples. To better budget time and training dollars we often combine two or three courses to create robust Leadership Workshops.

We exercise adult learning concepts and do not rely on droning from the lectern and while lecturing has it's place it is not our main instructing style. We've provided agency specific training for the San Jose Police Department Communications Training Officers and our courses may be tailored to meet your agency specific need(s).


We offer three levels of wellness courses appropriate for public safety dispatcher stress management.


Dispatcher Wellness course is ideal for newer dispatchers and/or those on the front-line. 

Trauma Exposure and Management is ideal for more experienced dispatchers whether on the front-line, training officers, leads, or supervisors and managers. 

Stress Management for Supervisors and Managers is designed for those in management positions as the stress experienced is real but different that those with only front-line responsibilities.  

All of our courses combine years of real-world experience, academic acumen, and practical tangible solutions to assist you in having more successful outcomes. 

Kim and Ryan are our primary wellness instructors and have independently provided training for the California Highway Patrol Peer Support group, Crisis Intervention Team training. 

All of our courses are adaptable for sworn personnel. 

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