"People come first. It's really just that simple."

Don Jones started his 9-1-1 career at the Cloverdale Police Department. As the only Dispatcher on- duty he learned firsthand the big picture of Public Safety from 9-1-1, records, front counter, jail duties and property. It was just the tip of the iceberg for Don as he advanced from this small agency in July 2001 to the largest in Sonoma County; the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office where he promoted to the rank of Dispatch Supervisor the following year. Don used his whit, caring attitude and knowledge to help his team successfully navigate through a new CAD implementation and move to a new dispatch center. 

Don possesses numerous certifications including ENP (Emergency Number Professional) and CMCP (Center Manager Certificate Program) from the National Emergency Number Association. Always hands-on, he served four years as the Vice President of the California Tactical Dispatchers Association providing training to Tactical Dispatchers throughout the state. 

In 2015, Don promoted to the rank of Dispatch Manager. As a servant leader, Don exercises his personal philosophy of making the internal functions that can be controlled simple and easy, so his staff may flourish. This is his antidote to the chaos of the outside world. In October 2017, Don’s dispatch crew was center stage during the most devastating fires in California history. Don, with his team worked tirelessly serving the community for two straight weeks as the fire raged and ravaged the region. 

Don teaches each year at the Santa Rosa Junior College Dispatch Academy. He has the task of teaching CLETS and Dispatcher Wellness. Despite the dry content, Don’s class is one of the highest rated of the three-week academy. His love of the profession and the people in it fuels his passion for the 9-1-1- community. This drives his desire for all of us to be healthy and strong in our amazing profession. 

As a subject-matter-expert in tactical dispatching and critical incident management, Don contributes as an instructor in three pillars of the Kim Turner, LLC training foundation; Critical Incidents, Leadership and Wellness. 

Don lives in Sonoma County with his wife, Susan. He is the proud father of three successful adult kids.

Don Jones, Instructor Kim Turner, LLC

Don Jones, Instructor Kim Turner, LLC