"Bringing fire, law, and EMS together for training is how we will have better field outcomes."

Herb Sirota began his 14-year fire career as a Cadet with the City of Los Angeles Fire Department and progressed in his career serving as an Assistant LAFD Cadet POST Advisor, a Reserve Firefighter II/EMT, and currently as a Fire Department Dispatcher and Communications Training Officer (CTO) for the City of Santa Monica.


His multifaceted roles include; Dispatcher, CTO, CPR/AED Instructor, Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Instructor, LAFD Green Cell Team Dispatcher for Captain and Battalion Chief Exams at Santa Monica Fire Department, and Radio Operator (RADO) fire incident dispatch Team Leader. Most recently, Herb implemented the RADO Program in Santa Monica; A single resource in which he is deployed to Major Wildland Incidents in the state of California and nationwide for FEMA Area A.

Herb’s leadership role and experience working several major emergencies have allowed him to also work as the Incident Dispatcher for the Fire Department during the Annual Los Angeles Marathon under the Unified Command structure. 

As an instructor, Herb has been instrumental in developing and teaching both the Fire Department and Fire Service classes to his fellow law enforcement coworkers. This cross training, allows new employees to work as both law and fire dispatchers. 

To build community relationships, Herb assisted in the design, development, implementation, and ultimately supervised various programs for community members related to fire safety and response. Perhaps his favorite role, is working with fire safety programs coordinated with the public-school system where fire dispatchers and firefighters visit local elementary schools to teach children about the 9-1-1 Emergency System. 

Herb has an Associate Degree from Moorpark College and will earn his Bachelor of Arts in International Business from California State University Northridge in 2020. Herb’s education, experience in the field and dispatch, have enabled him to facilitate courses with a 360° perspective and reinforce critical thinking and thoughtful questioning aligning his methodology with the core precept of Kim Turner instructors. 

Off the job, Herb shares his life with this beautiful wife Lisa, and three children. He enjoys the outdoors often taking his Lab on hikes and spend quality family time participating in sporting activities and traveling the U.S.

Herb Sirota, Fellow Kim Turner, LLC

Herb Sirota, Fellow Kim Turner, LLC