Kim Turner
Kim Turner


    Kim Turner

    "Ownership. How you need to take it and OWN it. No need on pointing fingers...own it. I liked how several agencies were in the class and were willing to discuss issues and things WE can fix or do better next time. I love Kim. 

    She can hold a conversation/debate...she challenges you, in a good way. She makes you see both sides not just your side...see the whole story. Kim has a great attitude, she speaks well, she keeps you engaged. I recommend attending her classes. Loved the hours of the class. One of the best classes I have attended in a long time. Thank you Kim! " 

    Leadership Workshop

     "In my 17 years as a law enforcement dispatcher and dispatch supervisor, I’ve never attended a more compelling and paradigm altering training. Kim Turner is a highly intelligent, passionate, and engaging instructor. Several times during the Leadership Workshop, I took notice that every single attendee was actively engaged in the conversation. 

    The curriculum was thought provoking and compelling; presented in a manner that elicited interaction and a free exchange of ideas and best practices. I have added so many aspects of this training to my personal leadership philosophy and am excited to see the affect it will have on my work environment, subordinates, peers and superiors. 

    Ryan Dedmon is a passionate advocate for dispatcher wellness. His block left me doing an honest self-assessment of my own mental and emotional wellness. And, while already convinced of the importance of this for the mental health of my department’s dispatchers, many of which have had very real struggles with compassion fatigue, burn-out and PTSD, I walked away with a renewed conviction to be more proactive identifying and providing assistance to those on the threshold of crisis.

     I can’t recommend this training more emphatically . The open classroom discussion with lead conversation. Instructor Kim Turner is awesome and would take another class hands down."  

    Ryan Dedmon

     "Ryan, I truly enjoyed everything you covered especially the topics regarding mental illness. I feel you covered a good range of topics and it was great that it was taught by a previous dispatcher who truly knows what we go through at work. "  

     "I appreciated the fact that an actual dispatcher was instructing dispatchers. We spoke the same language."  


    "This truly was one of the most interesting training experiences I have had. The meticulous dissection of actual active shooter cases gave pause and call for attention. Every single detail was interesting! I would recommend this course to EVERY Dispatcher as we all need to be prepared when it happens. " DW Fullerton PD

    " Covering the real life scenarios and evaluating the Pros and Cons was beneficial for me. Breaking down “Run, Hide, Fight” was crucial for me to understand how to relay that information to the caller. " AD Cal State University Channel Islands PD

    " The whole class was amazing. Probably the best class I have been too. So much great information from all the presenters. " JR Fullerton PD

    "Information that vital and helpful to responding units. That the most crucial thing is to identify and stop the threat. " EM Beverly Hills PD

     " Seeing a different perspective. Getting to understand the other side of the radios. " KM Los Angeles Police Department 

    Brian Barnes

    Tactical Dispatch Team Leader

    Mike Madden

    Field First Responder 


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