"This truly was one of the most interesting training experiences I have had. The meticulous dissection of actual active shooter cases gave pause and call for attention. Every single detail was interesting! I would recommend this course to EVERY Dispatcher as we all need to be prepared when it happens. "




Kim Turner

"I attended training both days and they are by far the absolute BEST trainings I’ve attended in my 22 year career! From Kim to the rest of her training staff, they were AMAZING!!! I will be sure to recommend all future trainings to be by Kim Turner, LLC. Thank you all for all of the amazing material and knowledge."

"Ownership. How you need to take it and OWN it. No need on pointing fingers...own it. I liked how several agencies were in the class and were willing to discuss issues and things WE can fix or do better next time. I love Kim. 

She can hold a conversation/debate...she challenges you, in a good way. She makes you see both sides not just your side...see the whole story. Kim has a great attitude, she speaks well, she keeps you engaged. I recommend attending her classes. Loved the hours of the class. One of the best classes I have attended in a long time. Thank you Kim! " 

"Presented in Kim's uniquely relatable manner, this class is full of thought-provoking information and immediately usable insights that will help you identify and combat the effects of stress in yourself and your dispatchers. I personally had several important realizations about how I need to better manage the additional stress inherent in the supervisory role."

Chief Darren Goodman and Kim Turner

Leadership Workshop

"The instruction by Kim was phenomenal. She has a great perspective on both the sworn and non-sworn sides of law enforcement which gives her great credibility.   This was better than leadership classes I have taken that lasted much longer. I got more out of the days than I have in other courses that were months long."

"Reading the book gave huge insight and direction for new supervisors. Kim Turner is a fantastic instructor with a wealth of real work knowledge. She has been through what we are going through now as line workers, trainers, and new supervisors. Very relatable with real work experience and examples. "

 "In my 17 years as a law enforcement dispatcher and dispatch supervisor, I’ve never attended a more compelling and paradigm altering training. Kim Turner is a highly intelligent, passionate, and engaging instructor. Several times during the Leadership Workshop, I took notice that every single attendee was actively engaged in the conversation. 

The curriculum was thought provoking and compelling; presented in a manner that elicited interaction and a free exchange of ideas and best practices. I have added so many aspects of this training to my personal leadership philosophy and am excited to see the affect it will have on my work environment, subordinates, peers and superiors. 

Ryan Dedmon is a passionate advocate for dispatcher wellness. His block left me doing an honest self-assessment of my own mental and emotional wellness. And, while already convinced of the importance of this for the mental health of my department’s dispatchers, many of which have had very real struggles with compassion fatigue, burn-out and PTSD, I walked away with a renewed conviction to be more proactive identifying and providing assistance to those on the threshold of crisis.

 I can’t recommend this training more emphatically . The open classroom discussion with lead conversation. Instructor Kim Turner is awesome and would take another class hands down."  

Sovereign Citizen Extremists Training

Sovereign Citizen Extremists

"I can’t really think of anything more. Covered a wide range In my 28yrs with LAPD this was the best training course I’ve ever taken. I actually stayed awake through the entire course. Ms Kim was awesome and really rocked it! " 

"It was great learning the background and history of sovereign citizens, as well as key words to actively listen for to establish if someone is a sovereign citizen. This will be a big asset during call taking and hopefully it will lead to heightened officer safety when they encounter a sovereign citizen."

" Key words. Knowing what a sovereign citizen is going to say or ask. Understanding their belief system."

" I can't think of anything that wasn't valuable. I knew some things but their history and evolution of their ideology was eye opening."

" The whole course was valuable because it offered a look into a topic we pretty much knew nothing about.   I think the course information was well thought out and offered an abundance of information."







"All components were beneficial and thorough. The group work throughout the day wasn’t only fun but beneficial because we met new people from all over and got to learn about different agencies. Something beneficial because we were able to see there’s a reason why we love our jobs and hate them sometimes at the same time." 

"The importance of self-awareness. Thank you for keeping it real and dissecting real-world issues head on. Anthony’s enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. " 

"Very engaging, learned about how to communicate more effectively....(we will see if my husband agrees!!)   Great classes! Anthony was a great instructor! Vary engaging, funny, kept the class light hearted but still conveyed what was important ." 

"The entire course was great. I liked how real and personal it was. Anthony was an awesome presenter." 

"Talking about emotional intelligence and learning the aspects of interpersonal skills. Listening! Instead of waiting to talk! Anthony was fantastic. Great course, great instructor. Very involved class." 

"Stating the difference between quality assurance and quality control. The fact that quality assurance is meant to promote accountability and credibility. Learning about the SARA method arms me with additional tools in problem solving."  





"Managing call volume/callers and resiliency. Prompted me to ask questions and evaluate what I can/need to do in order to efficiently do my job and survive mentally/emotionally."

"I feel like it was a reminder and a way of thinking out of our "regular call" mind set and be prepared for situations like this. I really like the way it was structured before, during, and after. Especially how it touched on emotional wellbeing afterwards.  I feel like the content was on point and liked that we were asked what our expectations were and Brian made a list to make sure it was covered."

"The videos and audio clips were valuable to be able to understand the big picture in active shooter scenario within actually being in the middle of the incident."

"This was the best training I’ve ever been to, I learned so much and this was my worst fear professionally, thank you."

"Hearing the field side of things so it gives dispatchers an idea of why it takes Officers so long to do something (approach/render aid etc)."

"It was a very interesting class. There was a lot of key info that would be useful in call taking and radio dispatching. I enjoyed the class and learned helpful tools."