Sometimes, it feels as if you can't see the forest for the trees......

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Sometimes, it feels as if you can't see the forest for the trees, which is why having an independent professional perspective will help get your program back on track.  

If your new-hire dispatcher/telecommunicator retention rate is below 90% keep reading and consider what our team can do to help you achieve optimal results.


Through an immersive and intensive program, our team works with your agency to learn your culture and address the issues you've identified to find practical solutions for your recruitment and training program. We partner with you, we don't lecture you, and we only work with one agency at a time because you deserve our full attention without distractions. Our approach is holistic and so is our team as they represent every level of a public safety agency from Chief, Commander, Administrator, Supervisor and line level staff.

This approach allows you to receive the best recommendations based on best practices and real-world experience. 

If your agency is short staffed there isn't a magic pill but together we can develop a plan  to revitalize your training program so you can achieve results.   


Our consultation experience and expertise focuses on team-building and the development of leadership principles, succession planning and operational efficiencies that are vetted by best practices and extends to the unique cultural understandings of dispatch as such; our work is customized for your agency because no two agencies are the same.  Our consultation subject-matter-experts consist of current public safety leaders representing professional and sworn staff intimately familiar with both 9-1-1 operations and overall organizational health. 

In other words, we currently lead through the problems and issues you are experiencing and we speak your language. 

The frustration can end today. 

Contact us for your agency needs and a quote for specific services. 


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