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Active Shooter webinar with Annie Teall on 06.04.19. We discuss lessons learned from the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino on 12.02.15. The second largest domestic terrorist attack since 9/11.


"Gossip and Backbiting"

Gossip and Backbiting

Author, Kimberly D. Turner

"Leadership & Conflict"

Leadership & Conflict

Author, Kimberly D. Turner

"Can Supervisors be Bullied by Subordinates?"

Can Supervisors be Bullied by Subordinates?


Author, Kimberly D. Turner

"Workplace Stress & Leadership"

Workplace Stress & Leadership


Author, Kimberly D. Turner

"The Rising Tide of Suicide"

The Rising Tide of Suicide

Kim Turner, LLC Blog

Author, Don Jones, ENP

"Training in the Trenches"

"What Every Trainer Should Know."

Kim Turner, LLC

Author, Anthony Alvo


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